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Education and Personal Background
Awards and Special Recognition
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With ref. to Estonian Encyclopedia (pg. 139, part 7, 1994 Edition), we see that the family name Pahapill reaches back to 1645, when a man named Tõnnis Pahapill lived on the Northern coast of the island of Saaremaa (Ösel), situated off the West coast of the Republic of Estonia, on Eastern shores of Baltic Sea. For a map of the region, “click” here: Map!. Around Tõnnis’ homestead developed a village called "Pahapilli küla" (the village of Pahapills), which to this date (mid-2006) is known by its original name. Available genealogy data on the present Pahapill clan goes back to the early 1700-s; for a summary, please click here!; the “full size” Pahapill Family Tree can be viewed from the website of  http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/p/a/h/John-Pahapill-ON/index.html

John (christened Johannes, changed his name to John on arrival in Canada) Pahapill is a fourth generation member of  “Tehna” branch of the Pahapill clan (Tehna is the name of the farm / homestead where he was born, in the village of Võhma, County of Mustjala, Saaremaa, Estonia). He has lived most of his adult life in Canada, where he arrived in 1951 as landed immigrant from Sweden. At the age of 15, in September 1944, he fled from Estonia  -  his birth-homeland  -  to Sweden during the thunderous days of World War II, with his parents Julius and Heleene, two-year old sister Anne, three brothers: Raimund (14), Forselius (11) and Aare (8), grandmother Mare 77. Grandmother died in Sweden before rest of the family left for Canada. The original family of seven Pahapills that came to Canada has by now (June, 2006) grown to sixty-one people, including spouses and those who have passed away in the mantime. As noted, the Pahapill family tree provides genealogy data about the clan, most of whom live in Estonia, some in Canada, Sweden, England and the USA.

John is a widower - wife Stella (n. Kiivet) http://pahapill.ca/stella.pdf - passed away in 2007; he has two married sons, Carl and Eric and five grandchildren from his first marriage – with Kristi (n. Läänsoo), who passed away (cancer!) in 1990.


John resides in Toronto, at the Palace Pier waterfront condominium home.

When possible, he relaxes in Pompano Beach, Florida, at his ocean-side condo-apartment. Around the midsummer of each year, he tries to spend some time in Estonia, his beloved country of birth.


Educational and Personal Background

John Pahapill, P. Eng., member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Province of Ontario, holds:

In addition to his formal academic training, John has taken numerous personal development and management training courses, and attended various seminars and workshops arranged by his employers.

John was born in 1929 in Estonia. Further details of his home- and family background are noted above, in the introduction section.

Awards and Special Recognition


Copies of documentation accompanying the Medal can be viewed from websites of: http://pahapill.ca/Jubileemedal_Statute.jpg http://pahapill.ca/Jubileemedal_Augustine.jpg http://pahapill.ca/Jubileemedal_GovGen.jpg


November 12, 2002 at the Etobicoke (Toronto) Assembly Hall  -  Receiving the Golden Jubilee Medal from The Hon. Jean Augustine, Secretary of State  – Multiculturalism. (Photo: Vaado Sarapuu, Eesti Elu / Estonian Life).


Some of his Current Responsibilities / Recent Activities

Even though John retired from full-time employment in 1994, he is using his professional expertise for the benefit of community at large, by participating in leading role in various community undertakings – with Stella, arranging concerts and other cultural events in Toronto for talented Estonians, thus building cultural bridges between Canada and Estonia. Also, assisting Stella in managing the operations of Estonian Arts Centre, a multicultural organization she founded in the mid-seventies.

Presently, John is / has been:



A Brief Overview of John’s Professional Career

The list that follows provides an overview of John's professional career and some of his accomplishments during the period after graduation from University of Toronto. These are listed in a chronologically reverse order, starting with the period after his retirement and ending with the key responsibilities entrusted to him right after his graduation from University of Toronto.

Part 1:  After retirement from full-time employment (since January 1994)

John continued to be deeply involved in a number of challenging activities, mainly in the field of Management Consultation, Project Management and Program Development. These include:


Part 2: During the last 6 years prior to his retirement, (1988-1994)

At the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, John held a number of senior level positions, each with its own unique technical, administrative and managerial responsibilities and challenges (e.g. special assistant to the Director of Pressure Vessels Safety Branch; Chief Engineer and Senior Advisor on a new Technical Information Systems Development Project for Pressure Vessels Safety in Ontario.

 Part 3: During his first 14 years with the Ontario Public Service  (1974-1988)

Here, John directed the province-wide Industrial Program operations of Ministry of Correctional Services, where his responsibilities included various senior-level staff and line management functions, often crossing the organizational lines. This required delicate co-ordination and skillful leadership.

In addition to his responsibilities for inmate work programs, John also developed and directed the ministry's Energy Management Program.

Part 4: His last 5 years in the Private-sector Industry (1970-1974)

During the midyears of his professional career, John held the position of Manufacturing Manager at a sizable metal products fabricating plant in London, Ontario.  As the plant was operating on a continuous, three-shift, six days a week basis, this presented special challenges for John and his family. Eventually, and in the interest of his health, he left the position and joined the Ontario Public Service, with the responsibilities already outlined above.


Part 5: During the first 14 years of his professional career (1957-1970)

During this period, when he was developing his management style and character, John found employment at the Canadian Division of American Standard, a large US-based multinational corporation. Here, his responsibilities began right after graduating from University of Toronto, in the spring of 1957. Initially, for about a year, he performed Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger thermal and mechanical design work. This was shortly followed by various supervisory and managerial responsibilities, culminating in his appointment (in 1968) as General Manager of the firm's newest corporate entity in Canada, American Standard Industrial Products Canada, Ltd.

In his nearly fourteen years at American Standard, John instigated and spearheaded the founding and development of its Heat Transfer Products Division in Canada. In the process, excellence in product design, care and thoroughness in contract management, promptness in customer service and fairness in dealings with people at all levels became the guiding principles of his work, and have remained the underpinnings of his many-faceted activities and responsibilities ever since.

 A Few Closing Remarks

Š      In parallel with his interest in researching, developing and publicizing the sizeable (presently containing 1058 names) Pahapill family tree, John has maintained close contacts with his relatives, world-wide, by frequent visits to various locations / countries where sizeable groups of his relatives reside outside of Canada, namely Estonia and Sweden. As well, he has been organizing / helping others to organize Pahapill-clan get-togethers, both in his birth-homeland and in Canada. Ample evidence of this meets the interested person’s eyes when browsing through the various sections of Pahapill Family Tree and Family Book website (which he designed and developed); the website address given in the introductive paragrapf of the present website); another example of this is a more recent event (for which he did the organizing and pre-event planning)  -  namely: the extended-family get-together in Canada for Pahapills in North America, also known as “The Pahapills 60 Years in Canada”, which was held in June 2011 at his son Carl’s home in the Muskokas, in Ontario, Canada. An overview of the program for this historic get-together can be viewed from http://pahapill.ca/2011gatheringtimetable.pdf ; the list of registered participants of the event can be found at the website http://pahapill.ca/2011gatheringlist.pdf .




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Originally prepared and posted in June, 2006; last updated on July 11, 2016.