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(Note: Presently, the organization is not active on an ongoing basis – however,

it can be activated on a per-project basis by contacting its last elected president by the e-mail provided below).

The BALTIC BUSINESS COUNCIL of North America, Inc. (herein also called:  BBC, BBC-NA, Council) has a four prong purpose:

In pursuing its purpose and goals, the BBC works in close liaison with businesses and government organizations in Canada and in the Baltics. A number of Canadian organizations have provided and are giving valuable advice and assistance to the BBC in its various endeavors, e.g., the:

BBC undertakings are arranged in concert with Canadian trade and business development activities in the Baltics.  As well, it works in close consultation with the appropriate Canadian government departments, especially with those dealing with international trade issues relating to the Baltics.

The Baltic Business Council was incorporated in December 1995 (Province of Ontario Letters Patent No. 1157675).  It was established with financial assistance from governments of Canada and of the Province of Ontario; and with help and assistance from the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities in Canada.  The organization is now operating on a voluntary basis, with the cost of its operations covered by the executives personally.  For special projects, assistance is sought from various sources.

Members of the BBC-NA are individuals, business firms and other organizations interested in the operations of the Council.  At its Annual General Meeting, members elect its Board of Directors, and the Board, in turn, elects the Officers of the Corporation and an Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee is elected for a two- year term and is headed by President, who also acts as General Manager of the corporation.  Directors and members of the Executive Committee give their time freely, without remuneration, and the Corporation has no paid employees.

During its first four years of operation, the BBC organized three successful Trade Conferences in Toronto, known as “The Baltic Connection”.  These conferences, which also included trade fairs, drew participants from the Canadian and Baltic business communities, governments and the academia; as well, there were US participants - from the Detroit and Chicago areas.

In the past few years, members of its executive have participated in two trade missions to the Baltics -- the  "BALTIC EXPRESS" -- both organized by Government of Canada, and took place in October 1998 and September 2000.  During the trade missions, valuable business contacts were established in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  For example, participating Canadian firms found business opportunities in all three Baltic states: in the building materials and -systems sector, in industrial and office lighting systems, food processing and textiles manufacturing, security hardware (steel doors and windows) manufacturing sector and in various wood products production and marketing areas.

The Baltic Business Council has been playing an active role in making local arrangements for visiting Baltic government trade officials and business representatives to Canada, especially to the Toronto area.  The most recent major event in this was a breakfast seminar at the Ontario Club in Toronto in July 2000, where Lennart Meri, President of the Republic of Estonia was guest speaker, giving a thorough overview of business conditions and investment opportunities in Estonia, indeed in the entire Baltics.  The meeting was attended by a sizable group of Canadian businessmen, and senior staff from three levels of government - federal, provincial and City of Toronto..

As of March 1998, the Baltic Business Council of North America Inc. has been headed by: JOHN PAHAPILL, P. Eng., as President and General Manager.  John is a seasoned Canadian business executive of Estonian origin.  He is retired from full-time work activities but continues to provide project management and management consultation services to a number of organizations, both in Canada and in Estonia.  For further information on John Pahapill, please refer to his home page, a direct on-line link is provided below.

Other members of the BBC-NAs Executive Council (as of its last election) were:

Note:  Presently, the organization is not active on an ongoing basis – however, it can be activated on a per-project basis by contacting its last elected president by the e-mail provided below.

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